What a few of our customers have to say

“VERDE VDI provided capabilities that other VDI vendors simply could not match. In addition to offering the industry’s best VDI price performance, VERDE’s simple yet powerful feature set, ease of deployment and reliable support for our end users have been key to the success of our deployment.”

Justin Ong

IT General Manager, Corporate Information Systems Company Asia Pacific, Panasonic

“We like the ability to adjust the current system depending on students’ needs. Also, it is important that professors at Chuo University use this system effectively. For instance, professors now have the ability to decide what content to have available on virtual desktops. The installation of our current system gave us the opportunity to consider things we weren’t able to before.”


Toshikazu Kato, Doctor of Engineering

Chuo University Vice President, Chuo University

“VERDE VDI helps us reduce capital expenses by providing support for Windows thin clients running virtual Linux desktops. In addition, by enabling our department to move desktops into the secure data center and isolate access based on need or clearance level, the solution significantly improves security.

– Representative from the U.S. Department of Defense, Military*

Department of Defense

“The flexibility of VERDE, combined with its support for both Linux and Windows, allows us to centralize management and reduce maintenance, while ensuring a high quality user experience for all of our researchers.”

Mathew Borton

IT Manager, ICERM

“Virtualizing our desktop environment and using thin clients has reduced operating costs by 30 percent before you factor in the value of energy savings and simplifying operations.”


IT Architect, Gruppo API

“VERDE has a small footprint, is easy to configure, and has many installation options. In fact, we experience that users fail to become aware if they are using a virtual desktop or a real desktop, or a mixture of both. As far as we can see it, VERDE does  the job.”

Dr. Werner Degenhardt

Academic Director and the CIO for the Faculty, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München