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VERDE VDI is a visionary VDI offering that still, over a decade in the market, stands apart with respect to innovation, ease-of-use and flexibility of deployment modes - all of this, while offering the lowest cost of acquisition and on-going operating costs.

With over 400 customers, and 70,000 seats deployed, VERDE VDI has gained impressive traction globally in the intelligence community, higher education, Linux-based design and development shops as well as government organizations of all sizes, just to name a few.

VERDE VDI is unique amongst the competition for being built from the ground up to deliver the best, most flexible and affordable desktop management and provisioning infrastructure on the market. We are purpose-built for VDI, unlike VMware that treats desktops as an extension of server consolidation – often looking like a dump truck masquerading as a family car; or Citrix which treats VDI as a corner use case after pushing their historical application publishing offerings.

We frequently hear customers comment that VERDE VDI, while comprehensive in functionality, “feels like one product”, as opposed to mess of mashed-together parts, often hobbled by ill-suited, legacy architectures imposed by their core products.

Beyond cost, flexibility and ease of use, we are proud of our innovation. VERDE VDI has many differentiating features, like treating Linux desktop as equal citizens with Windows in our provisioning model; or dynamically provisioning sessions at authentication time; or optimizing storage IOPS by intelligent caching of gold images on each server in the cluster – only authoritative read-writes are written to disk, not all the extraneous chatter that constantly goes on between OS and disk…

But the big differentiator that separates VERDE VDI from the pack is our Cloud Branch feature that effectively “Akamai-zes” the VDI processing to the far edge of the network, whether in a branch or regional data center, allowing central control and management while delivering local processing performance, eliminating WAN latencies and providing business continuity in the event of an external network failure. Combine this with our multi-tenant management capabilities and you can see that we at the beginning of a revolution in managing End User Computing.

VERDE VDI has a partner-centric go-to-market model that not only offers partners the ability to offer a lower-cost, innovative and differentiated solution, instead of the “me, too” proposal of expensive and complicated VMware and Citrix, but equally important, VERDE VDI offers VAR and SI partners a significant “cost take-out” opportunity providing not only a more competitive bid, but the ability to preserve better on-going project margins due to lower operating costs.

VERDE VDI is an NComputing Global Inc. company and inherits tremendous reach, credibility and technical benefits from the relationship. The NGI RX300 is a disruptive thin client based on Raspberry Pi. NGI has session virtualization with their vSpacePro offering. And, NGI has a very high-performing display protocol that excels at video, called UXP w vCast, that is being integrated into VERDE VDI as an additional option to RDP, SPICE and HTML5 (clientless) connection options.

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Our Team

Jim Curtin

Jim Curtin

VP and GM of Global Software

Prior to joining NComputing Jim was the co-founder and CEO of VERDE Workspaces, and CEO and co-founder of Virtual Bridges, the creators of the innovative and disruptive VERDE VDI product offering. Jim is a software industry veteran with enterprise infrastructure experience spanning start-up to large companies over a 30-year career. His entrepreneurial passion has put him on the forefront of major industry trends throughout his career starting with personal computing, open systems, the rise of the internet, network security management, virtualization and more recently, cloud and security analytics. Jim has started and sold several start-ups, as founder and CEO, that were either venture-backed or self-funded, most notably, DASCOM, which became the backbone of IBM’s security and authorization infrastructure managing over 100 million users per day. Jim lives in Austin, TX and is the proud parent of three children.

Jack Angelo

Jack Angelo

Vice President, Global Customer Success

Mr. Angelo brings more than 25 years of demonstrated success in enterprise systems development, professional services, business development, and customer success.

Prior to taking on the role of Vice President of Global Customer Success, Mr. Angelo was the vice president and general manager of Virtual Bridges VERDE VDI business unit and eventually co-founded and led Verde Workspaces, LLC as their COO.

Early in his career Jack was the vice president of Dell Engineering Customer Services and was the principal consultant for IBM-EMEA’s Business Intelligence unit. Throughout his tenure Jack has worked with clients in every part of the world and has lived with his family in the US, Italy, Denmark, the UK and France.