VERDE VDI was founded in 2016 by Jim Curtin, the original founder of the VERDE product line, and Jack Angelo, who served as Virtual Bridges GM and VP of Customer Services, to pursue two fundamental goals.

The first goal is to provide existing VERDE customers – some 400 strong – with a knowledgeable, professional, sustainable support offering, allowing our 70K-plus VERDE users to continue using, and expanding, with VERDE, with confidence.

The second goal of VERDE VDI is to carry on the highly-regarded tradition of innovation established at Virtual Bridges. VERDE has tremendous credibility in the secure desktop, Linux and hosted desktop (DaaS) use cases. Long-standing customers like the CIA, NSA, DoD and CSEC provide testament to the rigorous environments VERDE has thrived in over the years successfully serving these demanding use cases and customers.

VERDE also distinguishes itself by delivering the lowest-cost VDI, which is a result of our market-leading densities and ground-breaking storage optimizations, but also a result of offering our users the ability to treat Windows and Linux as equal citizens in a provisioning model that was built from the ground up to accommodate the seamless co-existence of Windows and Linux.

VERDE has a long history in the market. Our roots go back 16 years when Jim Curtin and others founded what would become Virtual Bridges.  We look forward to continuing to serve our existing loyal customers with the highest level of expertise and professionalism. We also look forward to welcoming in a whole new community of users and partners as VERDE evolves to address the needs of the next 16 years of our history.