VERDE VDI is pleased to announce delivery of full support for Windows 10 clients and guest in the latest two versions of VERDE software, 7.2 and 8.0.

With support for Windows VERDE VDI continues to offer the full range of Linux and Windows desktop options, from the legacy WinXP applications all the way to the latest release, Windows 10.

Supporting Windows 10 as a client allows VERDE to deliver older versions of Windows and Windows apps in addition to various flavors of Linux desktops and apps, to Windows 10 users.

Supporting Windows 10 as a guest allows users on legacy endpoints to get the power and modern apps associated with Windows 10, but on their legacy, often underpowered devices. It further allows Linux desktop users to have access to these same “cloud services” and new capabilities of Windows 10, but from the convenience and security of their Linux workstation environment.

As we see more and more applications became SaaS or Cloud-delivered, it is more important than ever to provide support for long-tail legacy applications from out-of-service platforms, but also allow cash-starved organizations to gain access to modern applications without having to upgrade their hardware.

If budget conscious organizations have a need for Windows 10-based applications and services, with VERDE they do not have to refresh their endpoints, but only their server infrastructure, to give users access and performance improvements that would cost many times more if they were to do a complete hardware refresh of all desktops.

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