I can’t tell you how happy it makes me every time a customer says this. And we hear it all the time.

VERDE is an organic, purpose-built-from-the-ground-up solution that is expressly for delivering the best virtual desktop experience. That is what we started life as 16 years ago, and that is still our sole focus.

This is greatly appreciated by users struggling with the complexities and quirkiness of VMware and Citrix, a clumsiness born from the fact that their heritage lies elsewhere, and VDI is a re-purposing of these adjacent offerings – server consolidation in the case of VMware, and application publishing in the case of Citrix. These force-fit repurposed offerings initially had many holes as well, which each vendor went out to the market to plug with acquisitions. Some of these were integrated, most were a disaster. A stop gap that eased customer concerns at time of announcement, but created more disillusionment and frustration when they were either scrapped, integrated poorly or not integrated at all, but left as a bolt-on, incongruous disappointment. Kaviza, Desktone, Ringcube, Wanova, Ardence, RTO, Immidio… and the list goes on…

VERDE has so many of the features built-in natively that the others had to go out and acquire. One really notices the difference when install and setting up. It is easy and seamless.

Cost, performance, ease-of-management and user experience are all critical factors in evaluating whether a VDI solution is right for you. People often discount the difficulty of setting up a Citrix environment because they feel that, gee, if Citrix can’t do it, then it would be impossible for anyone so I might as well just grin and bear it.

But, that is not the case. Give us a call. Lets get a pilot set up. See how easy, affordable and valuable VDI can be when it is done right, from the start.