For me, one of the reasons I am an entrepreneur is that I want to make the world a better place. I feel like everything we do should solve a problem for our customer base. But, beyond that, I always look for the big picture, the long view, the impact on society… towards making the world a better place.

One of the things I have long held with VDI is that is has the potential to bridge the digital divide in not only developing countries but also in our own inner cities and poor rural communities.

Why do you think there were so many F15’s on the tarmacs of Vietnam years after our withdrawal? Skills and parts to maintain them left with us. It is the same for many of the attempts using PCs, laptops, netbooks, Chromebooks, etc… Pretty soon, many of the well-intentioned devices were little more than bulky paperweights as they could not be maintained and become useless.

The second thing is cost – lets assume Microsoft gave discounts on Windows and office and other offerings… when you are trying to serve a population of 50,000, or 100,000 or a million, even a steep discounts it becomes unaffordable to provide the necessary software to be on par with children and adults in more thriving economies and locations.

VERDE offers a number of capabilities to address these hurdles. The first is central management of images where one administrator can maintain basics services for 10’s of thousands of users from a central location.

With respect to devices – because VERDE uses access points that are stateless, in other words, no actual data resides on the local device; it is all in the data center or cloud – it is as easy as unplugging one device and plugging in a new one. The user is immediately productive in an identical environment with all the data and apps and settings as they were on the original device.

Imagine a return center that could take these devices in an fix them and return to inventory without worrying about preserving, transferring, migrating apps, testing to make sure it works as expected, etc.. Imagine the amount of time and money and resources this stateless model delivers.

The other beauty of VERDE is that we treat Linux as an equal citizen. We often refer to Linux and Windows as “value” and “premium” desktops. In this world of SaaS and Google Apps and Dropbox, who needs Windows? Really. It is a comfortable convenience for those of us raised on Windows, sure, but if you have not been raised on Windows, the Linux desktop and application experience is quite polished these days.  Certainly good enough for helping bring distressed populations into the Digital universe that is so essential to rising out of poverty and ignorance.

IMF and World Bank, are you listening? We think the time is upon is to do something, and we have the answer.

Did I mention that we have access to massive amounts of reclaimed desktops at as low as $70 a unit? Try getting a modern thin client for anything even close to that…

Rest assured, if you have an idea to help make the world a better place using VERDE/VDI, we would love to hear from you.