It is easy to think that all the advances we hear about in IT, and the latest and greatest in this and that category of product is ubiquitous and available to all. We assume that companies are constantly updating, upgrading and always using the newest shiny object that comes out from their favorite vendors.

I’m sure there are examples of such behavior, no doubt. But, I do not believe it is the norm. From personal experience of being in Enterprise infrastructure and dealing with CIO’s for almost 30 years, most companies have a trail of technology that would read like a historical timeline of the IT industry.

Co-existence and accommodation are more the norm these days.

While most companies have moved off of Pre-Vista windows versions, Vista itself created a damming function for many Line-of-Business apps, to the point where WinXP can still be found in banking, retail and other cost-conscious industries.

This presents a real dilemma for IT professionals from a security standpoint – WinXP and such at like typhoid Mary, especially when connected to Active Directory.

Are you an organization looking for a more secure way of delivering these long-tail XP apps? It is a tough pickle to be caught in, between the risk of breach versus the costs, risks and potential delays in re-designing or migrating these LOB apps when they are working perfectly fine, with the exception of the security concerns.

One on the beauties of the VERDE architecture is that we use our Linux server infrastructure to connect to AD. The guest OS, WinXP is abstracted away from AD by virtue of our virtualization over Linux.

By creating an XP Application Enclave with VERDE we can isolate the XP apps from other user environments but provide these users with the ability to seamless use these apps as if they were install on the local Windows 7, 8 or 10 environments.

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